The privateer



The Privateer plays so-called "Heavy Folk Metal".

The style can also be described as "pirate metal", as it was the main topic in the lyrics especially in the early days of the band's history. Meanwhile the lyrics tell everything that happens in the maritime domain. The style of the music is not like any other pirate metal band like Running Wild or Alestorm.


The influences in the songwriting are based more on the classic heavy metal area such as Iron Maiden or Grave Digger and more modern Viking / Deathmetal à la Amon Amarth. Therefore, the mood is rather melancholy.

In addition, the band members feel more comfortable in this style than in the "wet-happy-Humppa-Metal" like Alestorm and cohorts.


The Privateer is best described as a mixture of heavy metal, power metal and death metal, backed by folk metal lyrics and accompanied by a violin